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Katie’s Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge T-shirt

Katie’s Yorkshire Three Peak Challenge T-shirt

Dear Supporters,


My name is Katie.


I am embarking on an incredible journey to conquer the Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge in support of the British Heart Foundation. As a passionate advocate for heart health, I am dedicated to raising funds and awareness for the British Heart Foundation’s life-saving research and support services.


The Yorkshire Three Peaks Challenge is no small feat. Over the course of one day, I will summit the towering peaks of Pen-y-ghent, Whernside, and Ingleborough, covering a staggering distance of 24 miles. It’s a test of endurance, perseverance, and determination, but every step I take is fueled by my commitment to making a difference in the fight against heart disease.


Heart disease affects millions of individuals and families worldwide, and the work of the British Heart Foundation is vital in funding research, providing support to those affected, and ultimately, saving lives. This is especially personal to me because of my Father, who I call “our ox”.  

Dad was born and raised in Yorkshire, and has benefited from the amazing support and assistance from the services of the NHS and British Heart Foundation having suffered 6 heart attacks in his life. His first when he was just 47, he has managed to survive them all. Due to the technology developed thanks to the British heart foundation, now 76, it has meant he can hopefully enjoy precious more years with his family. My Grandfather suffered 8 heart attacks in his lifetime, sadly passing away in his mid 50’s, showing the incredible developments in technology in just one generation thanks to the funds raised by the British Heart Foundation.


By supporting my challenge, you’re not just sponsoring a hike – you’re contributing to the ongoing battle against heart disease and helping to create a world where hearts are healthier and lives are longer.


Your generosity will make a tangible impact, funding cutting-edge research projects, supporting patients and their families, and raising awareness about heart health. No donation is too small, and every contribution brings us one step closer to our fundraising goal and a future free from the burden of heart disease.


Join me on this incredible journey. Together, we can climb mountains, overcome challenges, and make a real difference in the fight against heart disease. Thank you for your support!

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